In a world divided by colour, Wonda Coffee says, “Nah, we’d rather celebrate all colours.”

This Hari Kebangsaan, to celebrate 64 years of being a multicultural country, Wonda Coffee has brewed up a campaign about unity despite diversity in the most unexpected and cheeky way.
Together with creative agency, Naga DDB Tribal, the brand launched a film addressing colour discrimination by featuring cups of different colours, shapes and sizes.
Yup, cups.

United colours of Wonda
Alvin Teoh, Chief Creative Officer of Naga DDB Tribal shares how the idea sparked and the project all came together. “It’s nice when both the marketer and the agency share the same sentiments about putting something bold out there. The thought of spreading the message of equality and unity in such a playful manner was too good an opportunity not to take. So when the idea took shape, we felt so good we just scribbled and doodled a bunch of stuff on a mahjong paper and presented it like that.”
“You could feel the excitement in the room. We sensed it instantly; it was a go. And to think that the brief came via a random phone call at 10pm because the client felt inspired with a thought. It was so contagious, we caught the spirit of it all and had fun all the way; from brainstorm to presentation to production”, Alvin added. “I think sometimes, some of the nicest work happens when you don’t crumble from overthinking things. In a world obsessed with data, there is still a critical role for intuition. For both the marketeer and the agency. There’s a motto used by the SAS (British Special Forces) that inspires me – Who dares wins. I think that holds true in marketing and advertising too.”
There’s more to look forward to. Under the same campaign, Wonda Coffee will be launching a series of four mini films that are as hot and enticing as a cup of Wonda Coffee. Make sure to keep an eye out for it and remember – before you judge a ‘cup’ by its colour, all colours are wonderful when they’re Wonda-ful inside. This Hari Kebangsaan and Hari Malaysia, let’s raise our multicoloured cups in celebration of our country.
Naga DDB Tribal
Chief Creative Officer : Alvin Teoh
Creative Director : Jeremy Yeoh, Suryadipura Salleh, Rachel Hoo
Creative Group Head : Candice Chhoa
Senior Art Director : Bobby Lai
BM Copywriter : Zhaffiry Fenner Zakaria
Head of AV : Sharon de Silva
AV Producer : Lee Boon Hsin
Brand Integration Director : Clarissa Ng
Account Director : Rachel Chew
Account Manager : Sabrina Chan
Project Manager : Victoria Lim
Digital Integration Director : Neal Jansen
Senior Social Strategist : Shazni Tamyez
D Moving Pictures
Film Director : Dick Chua
Producer : Jocny Lai
DOP : Jordan Chiam / Dick Chua
Film Editor : Koon Pak Fei
Post Production : APV
Audio Production : Audio Pitch & Magic
Music Composer : Kimberly Chin
About Naga DDB Tribal – One of Malaysia’s largest marketing communication and brand strategy agencies that also offers data analytics capabilities, renowned creativity that delivers business results, full-fledged digital marketing expertise as well as media advisory and planning/buying capabilities. Founded 35 years ago, the agency has consistently been ranked as one of the top three agencies in Malaysia for over a decade.
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