Reprise Digital and Milo Celebrate the strength of Malaysians through the generations this Independence Day

Reprise Digital, and MILO Malaysia have released a fully animated film to commemorate the upcoming Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations.
Titled ‘Tetap Di Sisi Walau Berganti Generasi’ (always by your side), the film is inspired by the “Malaysia Boleh” (Malaysia Can-Do) spirit, with motivational messages showing MILO as a symbol of strength that has stayed with Malaysians over many generations.
Eddy Nazarullah, Creative Director of Reprise Digital Malaysia said, “Though the world has been put on lockdown, it is inspiring to know that nothing can stop creativity and the generosity of spirit which is Malaysians supporting Malaysians. That is what we wanted to convey in this film – the spirit of never giving up. Though there are many who are struggling through hardships, Malaysians can and will get back up stronger. This film is meant to show the strength in spirit of Malaysians and serve to remind us that as a nation, we are unstoppable.”
Ng Su Yen, Business Executive Officer of MILO said, “MILO has been part of our lives and identity as Malaysians. The film recognizes strength, unity, perseverance and tenacity of Malaysians – which are core values of MILO. The film celebrates Malaysians who express strength through their voice, camaraderie and precious friendship, even giving random support and acts of kindness to a stranger. MILO has been by the side of Malaysians and energizing them through the years and will continue to be in the future. Hence, the team at Reprise have managed to bring that message of hope that MILO brings of ‘staying by your side’ in special times. Although this year’s Merdeka and Malaysia Day is celebrated differently without the usual parade or fanfare, we want Malaysians to reminisce what we have accomplished together for the past 64 years and how we keep striving to create a better Malaysia.”
In addition to the film, the iconic MILO tin has been reimagined by MILO. The limited-edition commemorative tins come in two designs and have been customised by a local designer from ‘Loka made’ to portray the intrinsic culture of Malaysian’s heritage and lifestyle, both in and out of home. An augmented reality element has been incorporated by way of a QR code on the tins, with designs portraying the ‘Warung’ known as a roadside stall and ‘Kopitiam’, a traditional coffee shop setting.
The film has garnered over a million views since its launch on 16 August, with the digital-only campaign running till Malaysia Day on the 16 September 2021.

Tetap Di Sisi Walau Berganti Generasi
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Client: Nestlé Malaysia
Creative Agency: Reprise Digital Malaysia
Managing Director: Stanley Clement
Creative Director: Eddy Nazarullah, Amir Faiz
Creative Group Head: Sara G., See Thoo
Copywriter: Ahza Azary, Husna Rohmat
Designer: Abby Lee, Charmaine Lee
Group Account Director: Yippie Yip
Senior Account Manager: Hoe Hui Ting
Account Executive: Hazel Bainon
Agency Producer: Denis Gonsalvez, Gerard Jeganathan
Production House: Cartoon Hooligan
Audio House: The Rec Room
VO Talent: Marlia Musa
Cartoon Hooligan
Director: Bram Lee
Animators: Ang Jieh Shir, Adila Resat, Hamifaizal Mohsin, Hor Kar Yeen, Khairul Hazim, Mohd Afif, Nabil Kamaruddin, Wong Zean Ying, Zakwan Hadi
Background Artists: Allison Dieh and Janice Chin
Additional Art: Wong Kok Wai
The Rec Room
Audio Producer: Siew Kim Foong and Joshua Ng
Sound Engineer: Thoo Jhen Ken
Music Composer: Timothy Tatsuro Tsushimi
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