Alleged EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti KINGPIN Images Released; Comes Attached To 360mm Radiator

Back at the start of the month, we reported on the appearance of one of the first custom-cooled versions of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3090 Ti and more specifically, and EVGA KINGPIN series card. Recently, the “Kingpin” himself, Vince Lucido, officially shared several images of what is widely believed to be the card itself.

To be clear, we’re using the term “widely believed” very loosely, simply because Lucido’s posting doesn’t actually include the actual name of the card. Having said that and considering how there are no other known high-end, Ampere-based graphics cards in NVIDIA’s pipelines – and the fact that Lucido is known for pushing NVIDIA’s top-tier graphics cards to the bleeding edge – it’s not wrong to say that the images we’re looking at belong to the RTX 3090 Ti.

From what we can see, the RTX 3090 Ti KINGPIN card matches up to the initial leaked image; the card has a relatively enclosed cooler shroud design and single-fan blower design on the PCB, while the GPU itself is connected and cooled via a large 360mm radiator. As far as ports are concerned, the card has three DisplayPort 1.4 ports and a single HDMI 2.1 port. Also visible is the NVLink connector in one of the pictures but at the same time, what is not visible are the necessary PCIe connectors. At this point, it isn’t clear if the card will be using a triple 8-pin PCIe configuration or if it will be adopting the new PCIe Gen5 16-pin MOLEX connector.

On a related note, EVGA also released a teaser video of its E1 suspended testbed, complete with a better view of KINGPIN card and its 360mm radiator in action. However, like Lucido’s pictures, the card isn’t explicitly named.

As for specs, we already know that the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti will ship out with 24GB GDDR6X clocked at 21Gbps, plus a 450W TDP requirement. Another thing that wasn’t mentioned was the price of the card but seeing how this is an enthusiast-grade RTX 3090 Ti, it’s very clearly and obviously only for the consumers with deep pockets and lots of disposable income. Assuming, of course, that they will be able to get their hands on it during the initial launch.

(Source: Vince Lucido via Facebook, Videocardz)

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