Alleged NVIDIA GeForce MX550 Leaks; Could Ship Out With 2GB GDDR6 Memory

A listing for what appears to be an NVIDIA GeForce MX550 recently appeared on the product listing via Geekbench. The listing, which was discovered by ITHome, was found running in a Lenovo product, with the name “Graphics Device”.

Interestingly, the product name itself is simply listed as “LENOVO INVALID” on the Geekbench page, meaning that the final product names for both items are unknown, for the time being. However, ITHome is adamant that the discrete GPU being listed is an MX500; based on the information, the GPU would have 128 CUDA, based on the number of Compute Units that is shown. To that end, it is possible that this could be a partial implementation of the GA107 GPU,  which is currently being used with the GeForce RTX 3050.

If the information is to be believed, then this could be the first Ampere-powered GeForce MX series GPU in the lineup, and the first Ampere GPU to ship out with 2GB GDDR6, at minimum.

(Image source: Geekbench.)

Moving on, other details show that the Lenovo laptop in question is also housing an Intel Core i7-1260P, which could be one of the chipmaker’s CPUs with lower power consumption – probably within the sub-50W category – that is usually used in the construction for Lenovo’s thin and light units.

At the time of writing, there is still no official word about the alleged GeForce MX550, so it’s best to treat this news with a liberal sprinkling of salt.

(Source: ITHome via Videocardz, Geekbench)

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