Apple MagSafe Battery Pack’s Latest Update Enables Faster Charging

apple magsafe battery pack

Apple has released firmware version 2.7 for the MagSafe Battery Pack that unlocks faster charging speed. With the firmware update, the battery pack’s paltry 5W charging is upgraded to 7.5W, enabling you to juice up your iPhone slightly faster.

The MagSafe Battery Pack was released last year and has a disappointing capacity of only 1460mAh so it’s not a solution to charge your phone multiple times over, unlike most power banks out there. However, as per its name, the battery pack does have the added convenience of MagSafe which lets you charge your iPhone just by mounting the pack on its back.

apple magsafe battery pack charging
[Image: Apple]

It’s not surprising that Apple is able to deliver a faster charging speed through a software update as the battery pack is able to charge the iPhone 12 and 13 at 15W when it is plugged into a 20W power adapter. This means that it always had the hardware to support speeds faster than 5W and theoretically, it might also be possible for Apple to enable the battery pack’s full 15W charging speed while unplugged.

To update the MagSafe Battery Pack which currently still costs RM479, you must attach it to your iPhone and it should start immediately, though Apple says this can take about a week. A faster solution would be to plug it into a Mac or iPad, which should finish updating in about five minutes.

(Source: Apple)

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