Bandai Namco Warns Of Game Save Bug On PS5 Version Of Elden Ring

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Getting their saves corrupted is certainly a situation that most gamers wouldn’t want to find themselves being in. This is especially for progressing through challenging titles such as the recently released Elden Ring from Dark Souls developer From Software, which some players have clocked in over 40 hours of play.

However, publisher Bandai Namco have recently issued a PSA, warning players that such a risk has been reported to be present on the PlayStation 5 (PS5) version of the Dark Souls spiritual successor. According to the company, an unexpected shutdown or activating rest mode on the console while Elden Ring is still running will cause it to not save your progress correctly, therefore corrupting the file.

Given that the game lacks a pause feature, some players may resort to activating the PS5’s rest mode to halt all gameplay so that they can attend to other things. Bandai Namco advises to not do this for now and urge users to use the in-game “save and quit” function instead. The company added that revealed that a fix for this particular issue is currently being worked on, and is expected to be rolled out in a future update.

Moreover, Bandai Namco also listed out several other bugs present in the current build of Elden Ring across all platforms, which it plans to iron-out in upcoming patches. These include frame rate and performance issues, as well as PC-specific ones such as mouse over-sensitivity and a bug caused by the game’s built-in Easy Anti-Cheat system.

(Source: Bandai Namco [official website] [Twitter])

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