Be UNBEATABLE: Experience Ultimate Flexibility With U Mobile’s New U Postpaid Suite

U Mobile Unbeatable

Deciding on a telco plan that encompasses all your needs can be an overwhelming process; there are countless choices for you to choose from, even within one single telco brand. Are you looking for postpaid or prepaid? How much data do you need? Are you looking for a plan for the whole family? And the list goes on.

Redefining the postpaid experience, U Mobile has decided to launch a brand new suite of UNBEATABLE Postpaid plans, complete with offerings designed to satisfy any and all types of U Mobile customers. So, here’s everything you need to know about U Mobile’s new U Postpaid 38, 68 and 98 plans.

An UNBEATABLE Deal No Matter Where You Are

U Mobile Unbeatable

Over the last few years, travelling overseas has become a luxury to most of us, as movement restrictions and a global pandemic definitely made a heavy impact on our previous travel plans. But now, with borders all over the world open again, travelling is finally returning back to normal. And when it comes to that, it’s important to ensure you have enough roaming data to check maps, contact loved ones, use translation services, and access other important information while in a foreign country.

With 15GB of free roaming data monthly and free incoming roaming calls across 63 different destinations, U Mobile’s U Postpaid 68 and 98 plan offers you exactly what you need no matter where you are. Among supported countries includes Singapore, Thailand, the UK, the USA, South Korea, Australia, and other popular destinations Malaysians often visit!

U PayLater & U SaveMore With U Mobile!

U Mobile Unbeatable

If you’re looking to change your phone as well, U Mobile is also offering customers the flexibility of a new 5G device when they pair it up with their U Postpaid 98 plan via U PayLater. The 0% instalment package gives you the chance to own the latest 5G phone by paying for it over 24 months, interest-free! 

Alternatively, users may also opt to connect their new device with U Mobile’s U SaveMore bundle package, where customers can enjoy unbeatable savings on devices alongside the option for a 12-month or 24-month contract. It should be noted that U PayLater is only available for the U Postpaid 98 plan, while U SaveMore is available for the 68 and 98 plans.

Value For You And The Whole Family, Too!

U Mobile Unbeatable

When it comes to choosing a phone plan, making sure you’re getting the most affordable deal while also getting the best offerings available can get tricky. Oftentimes, the best deals aren’t affordable, while those that are aren’t always the best. But with the new U Postpaid plans, you won’t have to worry about missing out on different features or deals when you choose one plan over the other any longer.

With a more than sufficient amount of monthly high-speed data quota and unlimited calls available every month, you can expect to get value for your money when you upgrade to U Mobile’s new U Postpaid plan. Users who opt for their U Postpaid 38 plan will enjoy 30GB of data, while those who opt for their 68 will enjoy 100GB of data. The 98 plan, however, now that’s the real deal – being the first in the industry to offer 1TB of data, that’s 1,000GB! Paired with unlimited local calls for all three plans, the telco ensures that you can stay connected with your loved ones, all while paying an affordable price.

And, if you think 1TB of data is too much for you to use up alone, their U Postpaid 98 plan allows you to connect your plan with up to six family lines using their U FamilyShare! For just an additional RM38 for each line, you can share your 5G-ready high-speed data with your loved ones just as easily as you would with any other family plan. The main difference now being you won’t have to switch plans to do so, you can just upgrade within your U Postpaid plan to suit your needs!

Following the release of U Mobile’s new U Postpaid suit, all previous postpaid plans have been retired for future customers. For existing U Mobile customers rest assured that you can choose between continuing your existing plan or upgrading to the new U Postpaid suit as you see fit.

Whether you’re looking for certain features or more value for savings, with U Mobile, you can have it all. The new U Postpaid suite offers different packages to suit different needs.

For more information, visit U Mobile’s official website to learn more!

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