Bethesda Games Get Black Friday Discounts Through Fanatical

Fanatical Bethesda Black Friday 2022

Black Friday sales are intensifying this week, what with it being the actual week of the sales day. Last week, we already saw online PC games retailers Green Man Gaming and Fanatical announce such deals. Now, the latter has another, with the focus being on games under the Bethesda umbrella.

With this sale though, things are a lot more straightforward than the last time. Rather than having you create your own bundle to get games at discounted prices, you just get straight up discounts on select Bethesda games on Fanatical. Of course, the significance of these discounts vary from title to title, with newer games having a higher price and a smaller reduction in general.

Fallout 4
Source: Bethesda / Steam.

That being said, there are some easy recommendations provided you don’t already own them. One is the Digital Deluxe edition of Prey. On Steam, this game is listed with a price of RM158. But with the discount on Fanatical, you can get it for RM40.26, netting you the base game and its two DLCs. On a similar note, you can also get Fallout 4: GOTY for RM40.25 instead of the usual RM167.48.

If you want to go further back in time, you can pick up The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GOTY for RM20.11, as well as Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition for RM27.43. Though if you’re sick of all the shooter RPG suggestions, then there’s the Fallout Classic Collection, which consists of the first two Fallout games, as well as Fallout Tactics. That’s three traditional RPGs for RM20.11

Fallout New Vegas
Source: Steam.

At any rate, you can check out the Bethesda game discounts on Fanatical yourself by hitting the link below. At the time of writing, there’s slightly under eight days and 19 hours left to the deals. If you so choose, you can also check out the other Black Friday deals that the retailer has while you’re at it.

(Source: Fanatical)

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