Bethesda To Shut Down Its Own Launcher In May

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If you didn’t know that Bethesda had its own game launcher, no one would blame you. There’s really no reason to use it, as everything that’s available there is also on Steam, and even the Epic Games Store. Now that the company is firmly in the ownership of Microsoft, it is also ending its own launcher.

In an announcement on its own website, Bethesda says that it is sunsetting its own launcher in May. In light of this, starting April those who have accounts with the launcher will be able to migrate everything to Steam. Alongside your account, your games, saves and premium currency like Atoms will also be moved together.

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Source: Microsoft.

That being said, the process is not all automatic. Some save files, for example, will require you to manually move them to your Steam folder. The only confirmed game to be affected for now is Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and Bethesda says it will provide a list of other games “soon”.

And finally, despite the sunsetting of the launcher, you’ll still need to keep your account ID. Not only is this used for the migration process, but many games and services still make use of it, like in-game skins and first party game mods.

(Source: Bethesda)

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