BMW To Add AirConsole Cloud Gaming Service To Its Cars

BMW AirConsole

If you own a Tesla car, you can play games on it if you choose to. Not sure why you would, but the option is available. Starting next year, that option will also be open to BMW electric i7-series cars as well, from the looks of it. And in the future, the option could be made available to more cars as well.

The Verge reports that the German car maker intends to add AirConsole, a cloud gaming service, into its cars. Though specifically, only cars with the curved infotainment displays will be getting this feature. For now, this limits it to the brand’s i7-series cars as mentioned. In a statement to the outlet, publicist Bilal Mahmood said that AirConsole will be available on new BMW cars that have the “latest hardware”, referring to the curved displays as well as processing capabilities.

BMW AirConsole
Source: BMW.

As a cloud gaming service, AirConsole usually gives its users access to games via PC or an Android TV. Smartphones are used in lieu of controllers, which you pair to the service using a QR code. The report notes that the service sports games which are “heavily inspired” by existing heavy hitters, which themselves look to be casual party games. Which are fine on the aforementioned platforms, but can be tricky in cars. After all, most screens in cars don’t look quite large enough for party games. Not to mention the potential for motion sickness-related complications taking place.

The novelty of playing games using a car’s screen is something that only a few will experience. That being said, it sounds like something that most people can do without, considering it verges on the edge of impracticality. And for anyone who can afford a car that is capable of playing games, be it a Tesla or a BMW 7-series, chances are they can also afford a Nintendo Switch for their passenger. Or even import a Steam Deck.

(Source: BMW, The Verge)

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