Bugsnax Ends PlayStation, Epic Games Exclusivity On 29 April


PS5 indie launch title Bugsnax will be two years old soon. Up to this point, it has been a PlayStation exclusive on the console front, and the Epic Games Store for PC. These timed exclusivity periods are coming to an end on 29 April, making it available to both Xbox console generations, the Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

Engadget reports that the end of the timed exclusivity period will also be coinciding with the release of The Isle of Bigsnax content update. This adds a new island for players to explore, which will give the game an additional three or so hours of gameplay.

As a game, Bugsnax is indeed quite the strange game. Made by indie studio Young Horses, it’s a game that sees players capture strange creatures that are, well, part bug, part snack. These can then be fed to other NPCs, which will transform parts of their bodies based on what they ate.

Bugsnax was previously also given away to PS Plus subscribers as one of the monthly free games, although this is only for the PS5. It’s priced at RM99 on the PlayStation Store, so it’s probably fair to say that you can expect a similar price when it unlocks for Steam.

(Source: Young Horses / YouTube, Steam via Engadget)

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