CaltexGO Mobile App Now Usable Nationwide

Chevron Malaysia Limited’s (Chevron) own app, CaltexGO, can now be used at all Caltex stations across Malaysia. The announcement marks an improvement in the company’s service to its customer base, especially since the app’s functionality was previously limited within the Klang Valley.

To quickly recap, Chevron first began field-testing the CaltexGO app in Malaysia back during September last year, although it should be pointed out that the app was already being used in other countries, and for several years.

“Our downstream approach is centered around being closer to the customer. It is achieved through our station network across the country and retail innovations that allow easy access to our products and offerings,” Toh yu Lee, Vice President of Asia Pacific Sales For Chevron International Fuels and Lubricants, said. “Digitalization is at the forefront of our approach to find new and inventive ways to reach out to customers with the ever-changing customer connection trends. CaltexGO is a tool for us to do just that, and its nationwide accessibility will now make it more convenient for more consumers to use.”

As of today, the app should now be usable at every Caltex station in Malaysia. Through it, consumers can make payments for their fuel at every Caltex station through their phones, thus negating the need for them to even enter a station’s kiosk to make payment at the counter.

The CaltexGO app is available for download on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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