Celcom Is Bringing Everyone Closer Together This Football Season!

celcom 5g football season mega plans 5g

Whether you’re a hardcore football fan or one who gets easily swept up in the revelry of sports enthusiasts, this football season is always one of celebration and unity between individuals from all walks of life. 

This year, Celcom wants to bring everyone together to cheer on their teams with Celcom’s Gila-Gila Bola Cheer. That’s right! It’s time to let out your inner football madness with their official football cheer!

This is also your chance to  not only enjoy a wide range of offerings from Malaysia No. 1 Network, but also to spin and score exclusive prizes! We’re talking about a Hyundai IONIQ 5, 5G phones, shopping or holiday vouchers, and prepaid passes! They’re all up for grabs in Celcom’s ‘Spin-and-Score’ game! 

Anywhere, Anytime to experience UNMATCHED VIEWING with Malaysia No.1 Network – Celcom.

celcom 5g football season mega plans 5g
Image: Celcom

Whether you’ll be cheering on your favourite football team at the mamak, kopitiam or even in the comfort of your own home, you’ll want to watch the game without any interruptions –  because there’s nothing more annoying than the telecast freezing intermittently, leaving you in the dark on important moments of the match.

Regardless of whether you’re watching a game on your TV, laptop or smartphone, you’ll want a seamless and smooth internet connection and playback. Especially now, when we live in a digitally-connected world, a lot of us may be watching the match with our friends via a discord stream – and the last thing we want is lag! 

Furthermore, if you want to call or text your friends during the match (if you’re all watching it separately) you’d want your messages to be sent instantly. And don’t even get us started with the discussions you’ll want to have during half-time. 

The bottom line is that whether you want smooth playback/streaming or to stay connected with live updates from different social platforms, you won’t want to miss out on anything. That’s why Celcom has got you covered, regardless of where you may be in the country, when it comes to providing you Internet Connectivity so you can enjoy every single moment of every match! 

It’s Your Choice!

In the same spirit of the tournament, which encourages inclusivity and diversity, Celcom offers 6 different plans you can choose from to best suit your needs. And if you sign up, top up, or pay bills via any of the offerings below, you get to spin the wheel in the ‘SpinTo Score’ contest available for both new and existing customers via the Celcom Life app:

Experience 5G with Celcom

Sign up Celcom’s eligible plan to enjoy FREE Ultra-fast 5G speed & Experience Cloud Gaming, VR & more! Only for a limited time period only!

Best All-in-One Value Xpax Postpaid Plan from RM40/mth

celcom 5g football season mega plans 5g
Image: Celcom

Get more FREE Phone choices of Samsung, VIVO, and OPPO, including 5G phones with the shortest commitment from a 12-month contract! And enjoy up to 40GB of high-speed internet with Unlimited YouTube & Social!

FREE 5G phones save up to RM3,099!

celcom 5g football season mega plans 5g
Image: Celcom

The latest 5G phone is now yours to own for FREE! And you’ll enjoy big savings of up to RM3,099 when you switch to the Celcom MEGA Lightning Device bundle. 

FREE Home Fibre with Lifetime Savings of RM191/mth for Family Bundle!

celcom 5g football season mega plans 5g
Image: Celcom

Get Celcom Home Fibre™ with 2 Unlimited Celcom MEGA™ postpaid lines in a single bill @RM245/month. That’s not all, you will also get a free WiFi 6 router & a lifetime savings of RM191/month! 

7 Days Roam like Home with Celcom for only RM98

Image: Celcom

It’s the holiday season and you can now travel with peace of mind; enjoy FREE 5G roaming service in 15 countries now!

Customise your Unlimited plan with Xpax Mix & Match with FREE 5G access from only RM32 a month!

Image: Celcom

Choose high-speed or Unlimited Internet and only pay for what you need. Your plan, your way!

Monthly Personalised Rewards & Lifestyle Deals with just4ME™ on Celcom Life app!

The just4ME™ deals are personalised to suit your lifestyle; you can enjoy 65GB of high-speed internet for only RM20 a month for Prepaid users!  And for Celcom Postpaid users, you can enjoy special discounted phone offers and monthly lifestyle deals! It is truly rewarding to be on Celcom! 

For more information on all of these deals, visit their website.

It’s Time To Kick Off!

Get into the spirit of celebration, fun, and excitement whilst staying connected with not only your wifi and mobile data, but with your friends, family, as well as the team you’re supporting! Kick off the biggest football tournament in the world with Celcom Malaysia’s No.1 Network!.

Also, don’t forget to also stay in touch with all of the latest from Celcom via their Instagram and Facebook accounts to make sure you don’t miss out on any updates or announcements! 

See you guys on the pitch!

This article is brought to you by Celcom.

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