Copy Dialog Lunar Lander Adds A Game To File Transfers

Copy Dialog Lunar Lander

Whether it’s for work or play, having to move large files around, either within your own PC or to and from an external drive can be a pain. But what if you can add a game overlay to the process where you can do nothing else but wait? That’s exactly what you get with Copy Dialog Lunar Lander.

Posted on GitHub by a developer who goes by Sanakan8472, this is clearly meant to be a joke project. But it ends up being a simple enough and functional game that you can play while you wait for that file transfer to complete.

The prerequisite for playing this Copy Dialog Lunar Lander is having Windows 10 installed. Windows 11 is untested, according to the developer. The idea of the game is, as the name suggests, you trying to land your Lunar Lander successfully onto the land below. The progress dialog, which you may remember, can be quite bumpy sometimes, will serve as the terrain. Since the smoothness of the file transfer will will determine the smoothness of the graphic on the progress dialog, this will sort of serve as a difficulty setting.

Copy Dialog Lunar Lander difficulty
Source: Sanakan8472 / GitHub.

If you need level variety, you can change the look of the progress dialogue by activating High Contrast Mode within Windows 10 itself. Further modifications are possible by changing the colour themes.

Since this game relies on overlaying elements over a base operating system functionality, installation is quite a lot more involved than simply running an executable. The GitHub entry assumes you already know what you’re doing, but SlashGear has expanded the instructions so that non-coders will be able to make this work.

You’ll first have to download and install Git for Windows. which gives you Git Bash. You then download the Copy Dialog Lunar Lander, right-click the folder and click “Git Bash Here”. In the window that opens, type these lines after the $ sign, hitting enter after each:

git clone

git submodule init

git submodule update

Copy Dialog Lunar Lander worlds
Source: Sanakan8472 / GitHub.

From here, you’ll need to download Microsoft Visual Studio, and open Copy Dialog Lunar Lander.sln. Click on Build, followed by Build Solution, or alternatively press Ctrl+Shift+B. Then run the code with Debug, then Start Without Debugging.

The premise of Copy Dialog Lunar Lander is about as simplistic as a browser game, even if the installation process is anything but. And even if you don’t intend to get the game itself, you should probably head over to GitHub to read the hilarious entry itself.

(Source: GitHub via SlashGear)

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