Digi 5G To Go Live On 10 November: Available For Selected Postpaid Plans

Digi 5G

While the telco may already sign the 5G access agreement with Digital Nasional Berhad last month, it is only today that Digi has revealed its 5G plans. Starting from 10 November onwards, Digi customers that are on selected postpaid plans will be able to connect to the national 5G network.

In general, customers with Digi Postpaid 90 plan and above will be able to access 5G through the telco. Specifically though, here is the list of the select Digi Postpaid plan according to the dedicated FAQ for Digi 5G:

  • Digi Postpaid 90 2021
  • Digi Postpaid 90 DS 2021
  • Digi Postpaid 120 2021
  • Digi Postpaid 120 DS 2021
  • Digi Postpaid 150 2021
  • Digi Postpaid 150 DS 2021
  • Digi Postpaid 200 2021
  • Digi Postpaid Family 45 Unlimited

To verify whether your plan is eligible for 5G services, check if any of the name listed above is identical to your plan’s name in the MyDigi app. Even if you are already on one of the listed plans, this does not mean you can utilize 5G right away.

Digi 5G
Digi 5G Speed Booster on the MyDigi app. [Image: Digi.]

Before you are able to access 5G on Digi, you have to first obtain the 5G Speed Booster pass inside the Buy Add-Ons section of the MyDigi app starting from 10 November onwards. For now, the pass will be made available for free but the telco did not specify whether it is a time-limited promotion or otherwise.

Customers can also deactivate 5G by toggling the OFF option on the pass. As for data quota, Digi did not provide any dedicated allocation for 5G and any data utilisation through the 5G connection will continue to consume customers’ general data allocation.

Digi 5G
Digi 5G implementation at Hospital Sultanah Maliha during 5GDP Langkawi Trials in late 2019.

Meanwhile, Digi is still working on 5G roaming which is something that the telco will announce in due course. In order to connect to 5G, users also need to make sure that their device is able to support the national 5G infrastructure as listed on DNB’s website.

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