Face Masks No Longer Mandatory On Planes

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The wearing of masks indoors are now optional. Now, this applies to planes as well, though things are still subject to change depending on the country you visit.

That being said, individuals should still keep their facemasks on if they belong in the high risk category, like senior citizens, the immunocompromised, those with other chronic illnesses and those who are pregnant. Those exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms like fevers and coughing should also keep their masks on, as well those who are travelling with the aforementioned high-risk individuals as well as children.

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According to a Health Ministry statement, this decision was made following risk assessments and improvements to plane cabin ventilation. The statement also says that planes had high-efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) filters. and the fact that planes are now being disinfected more frequently. Beyond that, the loosening of mask requirements is also inline with health recommendations from the EU, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

All that being said though, this is still subject to rules set by the country of destination. So if you head into China anytime soon, chances are you’ll still be required to keep your mug covered.

Earlier this month, the health ministry announced that the wearing of masks in most indoor settings is now optional. Exceptions to these include healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics or nursing homes, as well as public transport. This includes busses and trains, as well as e-hailing options.

Though as per the lifting of mask requirements in planes, high-risk individuals are still advised to keep their faces covered, as well as those who are moving around with them. Business owners are also allowed to enforce their own rules regarding masking within their premises if they decide to do so. Going further back to May, masking became optional for outdoor areas.

(Source: Ministry of Health / Twitter)

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