Fireman injured while putting out blaze at Jalan Hutan Melintang

IPOH: A firefighter suffered injuries while trying to put out a blaze at Jalan Hutan Melintang in Teluk Intan.

A Perak Fire and Rescue spokesman said the injured fireman was brought to hospital.

“We first received a distress call at around 2.40pm today (Dec 9).

“Upon arriving, we saw five premises caught on fire. It took us hours before we were able to put out the fire at 6.30pm,” he said.

He added that two of the premises were houses, while the remaining three lots were a liquor shop, restaurant and a vacant lot respectively.

“Both of the houses had no tenants.

“The injured fireman was not seriously harmed, and we are currently investigating the cause of the blaze,” he said.