Firemen comes to the rescue of student who went amok in Penampang

KOTA KINABALU: Firemen had to be called in to calm down a secondary student who went amok while in school at Penampang near here on Friday (May 13).

Penampang fire station chief Zeno Tingalan said they received a call about the incident from the school at 8.35am, saying a boy was behaving wildly in class located at the third floor of the school.

On arrival at the scene, he said his men subsequently tried to get the 17-year-old under control, as they feared for the boy’s safety.

He added they were, however, unsure what triggered the student’s behaviour.

“It took them about five minutes to calm him down before they managed to escort the boy downstairs.

“On reaching the ground floor, they spent another 20 minutes to persuade him to be calm,” he said, when contacted.

Zeno said they then finally managed to get the boy onto their vehicle before sending him to the psychiatric hospital in Bukit Padang here for mental evaluation and treatment.