Footage Of Hideo Kojima’s Overdose Makes Its Way Online

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Back in June, we saw reports of Hideo Kojima working on a new horror game with the title of Overdose. At the time, there were descriptions of early footage of the game, featuring a character played by Margaret Qually. While the footage was not widely circulated at the time, things appear to have changed in recent times. Now, a re-recording of the footage in question has made its way to Youtube.

The video in question shows some gameplay of Overdose, and features the as-of-now unnamed character in a blue dress played by Qually, who also plays Mama in Death Stranding. Quality isn’t the best, as it’s a phone recording of a laptop screen playing the original footage. But quality aside, the two-and-a-half-minute clip fits perfectly the description we saw a few months back. There’s the flash light, the dark corridors, the jump scare and the Game Over screen, which transitions to the Overdose title.

As Tom Henderson reports via his own Insider Gaming, the clip, or at least screenshots from it, have started circulating privately online. More specifically, these started making the rounds via private Discord severs used by developers not involved with Overdose. Back in June, Henderson claimed that Kojima Productions had asked for the initial report to be removed, which basically confirmed the game’s existence. Now that video footage that was the source of the report has made its way online, it remains to be seen if the devs will try to scrub them off the web.

Beyond all the elements from this clip, virtually nothing else is known about this Overdose project. The name is probably more than a working title, but even that may change down the line. And it’s really anyone’s guess if more details will get leaked first, or if Kojima Productions will beat them to the punch with an announcement.

(Source: Insider Gaming)

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