GE15: GTA manifesto is down-to-earth, does not promise ‘moon and stars’, says Dr M

PETALING JAYA: Gerakan Tanah Air (GTA) will not promise the moon and the stars if it is voted to power in 15th General Election (GE15), says its chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“From past experiences, we have found that there were many promises made – and if it is beyond one’s capability, it is almost certain that it cannot be fulfilled,” said Dr Mahathir, who is also Pejuang chairman.

He added that even if such promises are fulfilled, it would be at the expense of the people’s interest and burden the government.

During the announcement of the GTA manifesto on Thursday (Nov 10), he said their candidates would be contesting under the Pejuang logo in GE15.

The manifesto noted that despite the cooperation between Pejuang, Iman, Berjasa and Putra under GTA, it had yet to be officially registered under the Registrar of Societies and would use the Pejuang logo.

Besides political parties, GTA also encompasses members from civil society groups and community leaders.

Ridding the country of corruption and the shared prosperity vision are among the key points of the manifesto which is centred around seven reform agendas.

GTA wants to replace “a corrupt regime of Malay political leadership” with leaders “capable of leading the country in matters related to policies and planning”.

“GTA wants to build a government which is capable and responsible, free from corruption and upholds the principle of Clean, Efficient and Trust as the core at all levels of administration,” the manifesto known as the “New Malaysia Agenda” read.

Branding itself as the “people’s movement”, GTA said it was formed to address the country’s woes where “corruption has been rampant”. It said the country was in a mess, with unethical political culture, kleptocracy and political parties being used for one’s own interests.

The manifesto also stated GTA could not bear to see “criminal acts” being legitimised and therefore aimed to bring a clean government”.

GTA’s main goal is to straighten the country’s administration, get rid of negative and sinister culture which has controlled the country’s administration.

“It must also be reiterated that GTA is not against non-Malays. GTA will not take away their rights.

“GTA will ensure fair and equitable rights for all races to achieve the shared prosperity vision in a multi-racial Malaysia and this can only be achieved if endemic corruption is curbed,” it said.

On the economic front, GTA wants to improve the standard of living of lower-income groups and those who are left behind by alleviating them from relative poverty, reduce the widening income and economic gap, increasing income and addressing supply chain woes which have contributed to the increasing cost of living.