GE15: Rasah MCA’s Ng pledges to amend laws to benefit the gig economy

SEREMBAN: New amendments to the law that would bring benefits to those in the gig economy are amongst the pledges that I would work towards, says Ng Kian Nam.

“I will advise the government to draft and enforce a new law aimed towards workers of the gig economy to ensure the welfare and rights of those workers are recognised and protected,” said the MCA candidate for Rasah.

Ng, who announced his Aku Janji (I promise) pledges, said that he would also propose a separation of the Attorney General’s duties to prevent conflicts of interests.

“I will suggest that an amendment to the Federal Constitution be made to separate the role of the AG as the law advisor of to the government, and as the prosecutor to criminal cases so that we can prevent conflicts of interests and injustice at the judiciary,” he said after an Aku Janji event at Kampung Baru Mambau here.

He added that he would strive to bring back local council elections to improve accountability and quality of service from the local government.

MCA Youth vice-chairman Chua Hock Kuan, who officiated the event, said that the promises that Ng has pledged were doable ones.

“We are not promising the moon and the stars. These are promises that can be accomplished,” Chua said.

He added that the non-Chinese votes would be especially important here, as all candidates are of the same ethnicity.

“In Rasah, all three candidates are of the same race and I believe that the votes will be split to the three. So, the votes from the Malay and Indian community are especially important and would be the deciding factor,” he said.

Other proposals to amend laws that he pledged were to pass a “Gig Economy Act” that will be for those working as P-hailing services.

In his Aku Janji speech, Ng made 10 pledges in total, including fighting to amend and propose the aforementioned laws.

He pledged to reduce the economic burden and to bring back political stability and to be impartial and fair to all NGOs here when it comes to funding.

“Praise me more and you get extra? No.

“This is public funds by the government and all funding will be given evenly and fairly,” he said.