Haircut fundraising event attracts Marang locals to join charity cause

PETALING JAYA: Around 100 people turned up to a haircut charity event held by Marang MCA division that managed to collect RM11,333 in the one-day event.

The division’s women chief Monna Ong said that the haircut activity was chosen as a creative way to raise funds, which was more affordable and convenient as opposed to a typical gala dinner.

“This is one of our creative ways to raise funds, as opposed to the usual gala dinner style fundraising events,” she said.

The charity event held at the party’s division building in Marang, Terengganu, went on for a day on Friday (May 13), with four professional hairstylists giving haircuts to the local residents here.

The customers who came for the haircuts were encouraged to donate any amount of money to support the cause.

Ong added that the funds collected would be channelled to the UTAR University hospital, and as a way to engage the locals.

“This was the first time in the history of the Marang MCA division to hold such an event.

“Our objective is to create awareness, inspire people about the current fund raising projects for UTAR university hospital, and at the same time connect with the local community,” she added.

Not stopping at just one event, Ong said similar philanthropic events would be held by the body in efforts to help the needy and to support education.

“Marang MCA divisions have two main focus areas, which are education and helping those in need.

“Fundraising for the hospital matches our objectives, in which we would continue to contribute our effort towards this cause,” she said.