Here Is How You Can Check Your Voter’s Registration Status Ahead Of GE15

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By now, you should have already heard about the announcement by Prime Minister Ismail Sabri regarding the dissolution of the Parlimen that took place yesterday. As stipulated by Article 55 of the Federal Constitution, this means that the 15th General Election (GE15) have to take place in the next 60 days.

Even though the date of GE15 has yet to be determined and will only be announced by Election Commission (EC) later, now might be a great time to check whether your name is part of the electoral roll. This is especially for young voters out there who many will become first-time voters at the upcoming GE15 after the new minimum voting age of 18 years old and automatic voter registration were officially put into effect last December.

MySPR Semak

Fortunately, you don’t have to physically visit EC’s office to check your voter status these days as you are already able to do that online via the MySPR Semak website.

At the website’s homepage, choose Semakan Daftar Pemilih and then enter your MyKad number as well as the captcha code that was displayed on the screen. The search result will then display your personal details together with information regarding your voting location such as its designated state assembly & parliament zone, locality, and voting district.

MySPR Semak

Meanwhile, you can also utilize the MySPR Semak mobile app which is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app worked in a similar manner to its web counterpart as you only need to input your IC number and your voter’s information will be displayed by the app.

Here is my own search result as shown by both platforms:

MySPR Semak

As noted in the above screenshot, the information currently used by the MySPR Semak system was pulled from the electoral roll that is inclusive that was gazetted on 15 September 2022 [pdf]. In case you have any enquiries regarding your voter status, you can utilize the online form on EC’s website right here.

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