Impulse Gaming Offers Up To RM800 Off PS5, PS VR2 If You Trade In Your PS4

Impusle Gaming PS5 trade in

With most PS4 games playable on the PS5 via backwards compatibility – minus the VR titles, unfortunately – there’s little reason to hold on to the old machine if you have, or intend to get, the new one. Impulse Gaming thinks so too, as it is offering up to RM800 off the price of the PS5 and the PS VR2 when you trade in your previous generation console. The local video games retailer has posted this offer on most of its branches’ Facebook pages, except its Seremban branch.

As you’d expect from an offer like this, there are caveats to this offer by Impulse Gaming. To start, the offer of up to RM800 is assuming that you’re trading in the PS4 Pro in near-perfect condition with all of its accessories, including the box it came in. Not only will the other models net you a lower trade in value, but also if you’re missing some of the accessories that came in the box. Particularly if you have the original PS4, chances are the box itself is not something that you’re still keeping around.

Impusle Gaming PS VR2 trade in
Source: Impulse Gaming / Facebook.

Beyond that, this offer naturally only stands while stocks for the PS5 or PS VR2 lasts. Realistically speaking, the former has a far greater chance of running out, considering its first two years and regardless of what PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said during his CES 2023 address.

On all of the Facebook pages, Impulse Gaming asks potential customers to directly message their local branches for more details. Which is something anyone should do anyway considering the capricious nature of PS5 availability. There’s also the question of if limited edition versions of the PS4 are rated the same as their standard counterparts. Either way, you’ll find the Facebook pages of each Impulse Gaming branch, minus Seremban, linked below.

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