Instagram Goes Down Across The Globe; Other Meta Services Unaffected

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If you’re having trouble getting on Instagram via its mobile app, you are not alone. Reports are surfacing claiming that users are having issues with the Meta-owned subsidiary, or at least the mobile app version of the social media.

A cursory look on Twitter indicates that, at the time of writing, the Instagram mobile app has been inaccessible for at least an hour at the time of writing. Ditto the DownDetector, which saw the number of reports from users spike within the same timeframe Indeed, our own accounts were not loading on the mobile app, while web versions of the social media worked just fine. As of right now, neither Meta nor Instagram has said anything about the mobile-specific outage.

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In a sense, this isn’t as bad as the downtime the service has had before. Over the course of the past couple of years, services under the Meta umbrella has had almost regular outage periods. In 2019 and 2021, all three services were brought down throughout the globe. The latter episode was noted to be among the longest downtime the platforms have experienced. For what it’s worth, router configuration changes were identified as the culprit.

This time though, Facebook and WhatsApp appear to be unaffected. The Instagram outage also appears to only be limited to its mobile app. The last time only Instagram suffered an outage was as recent as November of last year, though at the time, the entirety of the service was affected, rather than just the mobile counterpart. No details were shared regarding that particular outage.

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Either way, should the is mobile specific outage of Instagram continue, we can probably expect either the company or its parent Meta to say something to address it. On the flip side, probably no one would mind if the company manages to fix whatever the issue is silently without addressing it.

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