Intel May Have Accidentally Revealed Details For ARC A780 Desktop GPU

Intel may have accidentally revealed the performance metrics of its flagship ARC desktop GPU, the A780. The discovery of the alleged flagship desktop GPU was made by 3DCenter, who noticed the details during the official presentation of Intel’s official ARC Control software.

In a brief moment during the presentation, you get a glimpse of the Live Performance Monitoring window showing some details that the tech news site was eagle-eyed enough to catch. Specifically, the details of the GPU on the chopping block had a GPU clock of 2250MHz and a TDP of 175W, the former being achieved with GPU utilisation going over 99% use. Moreover, the amount of graphics memory, while not pictured, had its VRAM frequency running at more than 1GHz. Suggesting that the effective memory speed of the GPU could be rated at 17.5Gbps.

(Image source: Videocardz.)

Needless to say, these performance metrics make it impossible for the GPU to be any of the lower tier ARC 3 or ARC 5 desktop GPUs, meaning that the GPU in question is clearly a top-tier Intel ARC desktop graphics and, quite possibly, the A780. More to the point, it’s the GPU Power draw of the card that dispels any possibility of the card actually being one of the chipmaker’s more energy-efficient GPUs.

Intel’s ARC Alchemist graphics series recently made its debut at the end of last month, but only did so within the mobile GPU space with its ARC 3 series for laptops. However, at the end of its pre-recorded presentation, the chipmaker also gave a glimpse of the its “Limited Edition” ARC graphics card, which is expected to arrive during the Summer of this year. No official details of the card has been released yet, but speculations and rumours suggest that Intel’s first flagship graphics card could be on par with NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3070 Ti.

(Source: Videocardz)

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