Kingston Launches New FURY Gaming Lab

Earlier today, Kingston gave the media from Malaysia, Philippines, and Australia a virtual tour and sneak peek at its FURY Gaming Lab. In essence, it was a showroom for all its memory-based products, more or less utilised in different systems, as well as the kind of configurations one could use with it.

While held virtually, one of the first things that really hits you is just how bright and how much lighting the lab is illuminated with. As a matter of a fact, the amount of glare throughout the presentation seemed to emanate from the base of wherever the products were placed, and not the subject itself. Again, while the outlook of the place looked interesting, alot of the products and components included products that are already available, including its FURY Beast and Renegade series DDR4 and DDR5 RAM, along with its NVMe M.2 Gen4 SSDs.

Naturally, questions did arise during the virtual tour if Kingston had any plans on opening individual FURY gaming labs in other countries – Malaysia included – given the current pandemic and the fact that Taiwan had yet to reopen its borders to tourists and the general public. To that end, the memory brand simply responded by saying it currently has no plans to do so. And that its lab in Hsinchu City will be the only one so far.

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