Kiplepay E-Wallet Warns Users Of Potential Data Breach Through Third-Party Payment Gateway [UPDATE]

kiple kiplepay data breach

[UPDATE – 10:10pm, 16 August 2022] Kiple has sent out a press release to further detail regarding the potential third-party data breach. We’ve updated the article accordingly to reflect this.

[Original Article – 13:16pm, 16 August 2022]

Local e-wallet operator and Green Packet subsidiary Kiple has recently issued notices to its Kiplepay users of a potential data breach caused by a “cybersecurity incident which has occurred to a third-party payment gateway system.” This is undeniably referring to the data breach that local payment firm iPay88 had publicly disclosed last week, which may have likely to have compromised user data in the form of card information from its system.

Kiple says the e-mails regarding the matter were sent out to its users yesterday on 15 August. “We were told that your Kiple Visa Prepaid Card might have been compromised,” it wrote in the notice. “Therefore, we are currently engaging data forensic and security experts to conduct investigations which are currently ongoing.”

The card in question, as implied by its name, is a digital prepaid service that is linked to the Kiplepay e-wallet which functions similarly to a debit card. It can be used to make cashless payments in both physical and digital stores where Visa is accepted domestically or internationally. Similarly, it can also be used to withdraw money from the user’s Kiple account at any Visa-supported automated teller machines (ATMs) worldwide.

“Despite this issue, we would like to assure you that we have fraud protection technology that is continually monitoring for any suspicious activity in order to safeguard all of our Kiplepay users,” the e-wallet operator added in the e-mail. “On top of that, we would also like to assure you that we have taken necessary steps to heighten all risk mitigation measures to ensure increased security of your transactions.”

In an official statement that was released earlier this evening, Kiple explained that customer communication was released following a notification it had received from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) regarding the iPay88 data breach. Through the alert, BNM has requested involved parties to notify affected cardholders of additional protective measures that are being taken to protect them against risks of fraudulent or unauthorised transactions that may arise from this incident.

kiple kiplepay data breach
Image: Kiple

“We take a serious view on our security and compliance measures in line with BNM’s policies, directives, and requisite security standards, and would like to reassure our users, merchants, and business partners that our service integrity has not been compromised,” said Kiplepay CEO Ricky Lew in the statement. “We have also heightened our security and fraud monitoring measures to detect and prevent any suspicious transaction activities, and continue to safeguard Kiplepay users.”

Kiple is urging users to immediately reach out if they detect any unusual transactions on their Kiple Visa Prepaid Card. Customers can contact its customer service team by calling 03-3000 8929 or by emailing them via

(Original source: The Star | Added source: Kiplepay press release / Wilson YIMBY [Twitter])

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