KL malls filled with last-minute Raya shoppers

KUALA LUMPUR: Although many Kuala Lumpur residents have begun to head back to their hometowns for the upcoming Aidilfitri celebrations, there are those who are still in the capital and have chosen to go on last minute shopping sprees.

Checks by Bernama at several shopping malls known to be popular shopping locations for Hari Raya revealed that they were filled with shoppers this evening and that crowds were expected to grow even larger after the breaking of fast.

Amy Ariffin, a 25-year-old assistant manager of the Bath and Body Works outlet located at Sogo, said never-ending stream of shoppers throughout the month of Ramadan had brought a festive air to the mall.

“Customers here really love to do last-minute shopping. Especially along Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman (TAR), as there are many last-minute promotions.

“Every Hari Raya, we will have promotions for lotions, body mists and other products. They shop a lot for Raya gifts,” she told Bernama on Saturday (April 30).

Muhd Nasrat Mahir, 17, a worker at a baju melayu shop at the Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) building, concurred with Amy, sharing that customers usually begin to pour in after 4pm until 8pm.

“Every day there are many customers, not only last minute Raya shoppers, but previously there were also many people,” he said.

Meanwhile at the Jalan TAR night market, shopper Auni Saffiah, 18, said she took the opportunity to do her Hari Raya shopping at shopping malls now, three days before returning home to Kelantan, and hoped that she would get lower prices.

“Alhamdulillah preparations for Raya this time is more festive compared to two years before and today I’m with my family spending time to shop for Raya essentials like tudung, shoes and other items.

“So far, there are many shops offering low prices with enticing promotions and discounts are nearly 50%,” she added.

Jalan TAR night market baju kurung trader, Kamarudin Husin, 55, meanwhile said he has begun having promotions and discounts today.

“Since I started selling here at the beginning of Ramadan, the response from customers has been very encouraging and now with only three days left before Raya, we’re having several attractive promotions to boost sales.

“I really expect more customers to show up at the last minute as they want to take advantage of the promotions and discounts provided by traders at the end of this month,” he told Bernama. – Bernama