Kumpool Bus E-Hailing Service Expands To Petaling Jaya


Kumpool is a bus e-hailing service that provides an on-demand shuttle service as opposed to the more conventional car options. Originally available only in Johor Bahru, the service has expanded its service to Subang Jaya, and more recently, to Petaling Jaya.

As is the case with most e-hailing services today, Kumpool provides access to its services via an app. Users pick their pick-up and drop-off locations from a list of preset locations, much like a traditional bus system. You are then issued a digital ticket with a QR code once the booking is made. You’ll also have to be at your own chosen pick-up point between 10-15 minutes in advance. Like other e-hailing options, you’ll be able to see the location of the vehicle that’s picking you up in real time.

To board, you’ll have to scan the provided QR code. Payment is done via cash upon arrival, or with selected e-wallets. The price of a trip is calculated based on the travelling distance and the number of passengers. But for the duration of its pilot period, Kumpool is offering a flat rate of RM1.

You can find out more about Kumpool from its website and Facebook page, linked below. Incidentally, the company also has a courier service as well if that’s what you need instead.

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