LCS forensic audit links Abdul Latiff and Zainab to company behind dubious deals

PETALING JAYA: Named as husband and wife in the declassified forensic audit report on the littoral combat ship (LCS), Zainab Mohd Salleh and Abdul Latiff Ahmad have been identified as the people behind a company flagged for dubious transactions over a spare parts deal.

Zainab was said to be a shareholder and director of Alizes Marine Ltd domiciled in Malta as well as Intralogistics Ltd registered in Labuan, which owns Alizes Marine Labuan and Sousmarin Armada Sdn Bhd. She was also named as the shareholder of Mega P Sdn Bhd.

“It is noted that Abd Latiff is the spouse of Zainab.

“Boustead Heavy Industries Corp (BHIC) suspected serious irregularities in the procurement process of various spare parts by Boustead Penang Shipyard. This contract was awarded by Boustead DCNS Naval Corp Sdn Bhd,” the report read.

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Most of the procurement was made through Alizes Marine but there were a few accounts in the name of Alizes Marine. These were created to impersonate Alizes Marine France so that payment could be channelled to a third party,” he added.

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The report noted that Zainab appeared to be the common link in dubious transactions linked to a few firms, with Zainab and Abdul Latiff listed as shareholders of one of them.

The report noted that Alizes Marine Labuan, which was registered on Feb 18,2011, was struck off in 2019 and ceased to exist at the time of the report and Alizes Marine Malta went into liquidation on Feb 4, 2014.

The forensic audit on BHIC was declassified on Monday, with several parts of the report redacted.