LEGO Brawls Gets A 2 September PC, Console Release

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Right now, the two platform fighters that are not Super Smash Bros vying for popularity are Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and WB’s MultiVersus. But cloistered behind the garden walls of Apple Arcade since 2019 was LEGO Brawls. Soon, the platform fighter title starring minifigs will become available on PC, consoles and the Nintendo Switch.

The announcement came via the recent LEGO Con, which also saw the announcement of the Galaxy Explorer spaceship re-release. Previously, there were only rumours of the game being released outside of Apple Arcade, with a vague window of summer 2022.

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Source: LEGO / Steam.

LEGO Brawls started off a little unlike most platform fighters out there. For one, it could support up to 4v4 battles via online play. The main objective of each game is also not just simply eliminating the opposition, but a much simpler version of capture the flag. Or, you could just go down the simpler battle royale route where it’s “every player for themselves”.

The game will naturally also feature a variety of maps based on the many set themes. You will also have the ability to create your own custom character based on these themes. The best part is, additional customisation options are unlocked via gameplay, a very traditional formula that we wish we see more off these days.

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Source: LEGO / Steam.

LEGO Brawls will launch on PC, both generations of both console platforms, and the Nintendo Switch on 2 September 2022. When it does, it will support cross-play, allowing players from all of its platforms to play together. There’s a demo on Steam too where you can give the game a limited-time trial. All that being said, the game does not yet have a price.

It’s much the same story with the PlayStation Store. While there’s a page for LEGO Brawls, it doesn’t yet come with a price. There’s no demo here either.

(Source: LEGO / YouTube, Steam, PlayStation)

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