Leica Announces Expansion Into Laser TV Market Through Partnership With Hisense

Leica Hisense Laser TV Partnership

Leica, the well-known German luxury camera brand, has recently revealed that it will be expanding into a new market: Laser TVs. Interestingly, the company won’t be making this leap alone, as it will be partnering with Chinese television manufacturer Hisense to develop its upcoming products from that category.

As noted by both companies via a jointly-published press release, this long-term partnership will combine Leica’s expertise in the development of high-quality projection lenses together with Hisense’s laser projection technology. The goal is to create a particularly powerful and future-proof technology platform for Laser TVs. “Home cinema entertainment is a rapidly growing market, and the expansion of Leica’s product offering in this segment represents a promising opportunity to delight new customers with Leica premium products,” said the German brand’s CEO Matthias Harsch.

Leica Hisense Laser TV Partnership
President of Hisense Dr. Lin (left) and Leica Camera CEO Matthias Harsch (right) [Image: Leica/Hisense]

It’s also worth noting that “Laser TV” is a term coined by Hisense to describe its home cinema short-distance laser projectors, which technically aren’t actual TVs. Unlike the more traditional projectors, these devices are designed to project visuals on a compatible surface at a very close distance – often placed beside a wall, which acts as the viewing area.

In a way, short-throw laser projectors can be considered as an alternative to owning an actual large TV. The biggest advantage being their compact and portable size, which benefits users in terms of logistics. One such example is Hisense’s own 100L9G projector, which is capable of providing high quality projection equivalent to a 100-inch screen.

Leica Hisense Laser TV Partnership
Hisense 100L9G Laser TV [Image: Hisense]

Meanwhile, Leica itself is no stranger to the projection market either. In fact, the company has been part of the projection market for more than 50 years, providing lenses since the analog days to third-party devices and its own Leica Pradovit line. Its upcoming product, known as the Cine 1, will be its first ever short-toss projector that is marketed for home cinema use. 

Speaking of which, the new Laser TV by Leica and Hisense is slated to make its debut during the IFA congress in Berlin, which is held next month from 2 to 6 September 2022. Unfortunately, neither companies have released any details or images concerning the product just yet.

Leica Hisense Laser TV Partnership
A vintage Leica Pradovit projector [Image: TheFlyingSealion1, via Reddit]

Though it’s a bit early to call, it actually won’t be surprising if the device would fetch a very hefty price tag once it hits the market. This is especially when given the fact that most products released under Leica’s branding are typically pricey to begin with, especially its cameras.

(Source: Leica/Hisense, via PR Newswire)

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