MACC says it views seriously alleged misconduct involving officer

PUTRAJAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) takes seriously the allegation that an officer had acted aggressively and dismissed members of a political party from making a report at the MACC headquarters here.

In a statement, MACC said they are conducting further investigation into the allegation and would take appropriate action if misconduct is proven.

A 22-second video of the incident went viral on social media Thursday (April 21).

MACC said that based on the gazetted Prohibited Areas rules, the security division only allowed three representatives to enter the compound and MACC building to meet officers on duty to lodge complaints.

Video recordings and cameras are also not allowed in the areas without the permission of top management, it added.

It said however around seven of the 25 individuals from the group entered the building compound in pairs up to the main entrance in the incident at 11am.

“The individuals also did not comply with the rules because they recorded videos while being in the area,” it said.

Meanwhile, the MACC confirmed that it had received information from Parti Sosialis Malaysia member Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj regarding the allegation of misconduct in government land affairs in Perak.

“MACC will review and scrutinise the information before taking any further action,” it said. – Bernama