Mafia Prequel In Development Using Unreal Engine 5

Mafia Trilogy Remastered 3

The Mafia series of games will be getting another entry into its current list of three. But rather than a sequel, this will be a prequel to the first game. And it will be done by Hangar 13, the same studio that worked on the third instalment.

According to Kotaku, the game will also be made using Unreal Engine 5. This is as opposed to the Mafia III engine that’s not only used by the game with the same title, but also the remasters of the first two. It’s also still in early development, with a code name of Nero. But beyond these bits of information, not much else is known about what the game will be like.

Mafia Trilogy Remastered 2
Source: 2K Games / YouTube.

The news of the Mafia prequel may have been a tad overshadowed by the departure of Haden Blackman, who was head of Hangar 13, the studio developing the game. As a studio, Hangar 13 has also not exactly been doing well, having had two rounds of layoffs shortly after the release of Mafia III.

Taking Blackman’s place in Hangar 13 is Nick Baynes, who joined in 2018 after the aforementioned two rounds of layoffs. He has also been credited as being the one to establish the studio’s Brighton, UK branch.

(Source: Kotaku)

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