Malaysia Airlines, Firefly Offering Flight Discounts For GE15

Malaysia Airlines

With the date of the 15th general election announced, people have naturally started planning trips to their hometowns in order to be able to cast their vote. For those who need to take a flight to do so, Malaysia Airlines and Firefly have something to offer. And that is discounts for all domestic flights within specific dates surrounding the election day.

Malaysia Airlines is offering 20% off all domestic flights  between 11 and 27 November, and you can book your flights as late as 19 November, the date of the election day itself. The national carrier made the announcement on its official Facebook page.

Sister airline Firefly has also made a similar announcement via its official Facebook page. The airline is offering up to 24% off the base fares of flights with the fine print clarifying that airport taxes and surcharges are not subject to the discount. The window here is oddly large, as the discount applies to flights between 1 November 2022 and 30 June of 2023. But to make use of this discount, you will need to book your flights before 24 October.

It’s probably no overstatement to say that these discount announcements are sorely needed. Since the announcement of the election date, you’ve probably seen posts on social media complaining about air fares being hiked to more than double. On that front, Malaysia Airlines is among the airlines accused to have pushed flight prices to astronomical levels. These discounts bring the prices down a little, but they are still pretty pricey, all things considered.

For what it’s worth, transport minister Wee Ka Siong has announced that the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) will be monitoring the airfare prices, and will intervene if they get way out of hand. For those who traveled back to Sabah and Sarawak during the Haru Raya celebrations earlier this year, this may end up being a case of deja vu.

(Source: MAS, Firefly via TheVibes)

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