Melaka firemen help girl remove hand from pool pipe

MELAKA: Firefighters here helped an 11-year-old girl remove her hand from a pipe after it got stuck while she was swimming in a pool at a resort here.

The girl from Kuala Lumpur was holidaying at the resort in Kemuning at Masjid Tanah here when the incident happened at 5.15pm on Thursday (June 9).

A Melaka Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said the girl was brought by her family to the station and the extraction process was overseen by commanding officer Ramli Ismail.

The spokesman said the girl was in the pool with her other family members when the suction pump suddenly started functioning before sucking her hand into the pipe.

He said the resort owner managed to disconnect part of the piping system and the girl’s family members rushed to the station.

The spokesman added that the girl suffered minor bruises and the pipe was successfully removed.