Meta Is Developing AI Personas For WhatsApp, Messenger

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It looks like Meta wants to have its own version of AI that does what the likes of ChatGPT, Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s Bing AI does. Meta head Mark Zuckerberg announced on his on Facebook page that the company is “creating a new top-level product group” that’s “focused on generative AI” to speed up work in this field.

A Bloomberg report notes that this team will be led by Ahmad Al-Dahle, who is a machine learning and artificial intelligence executive. He reports directly to Meta Chief Product Officer Chris Cox, which the report notes is a significant sign that the company intends to further integrate AI into its range of products.

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According to the post, there’s nothing much that users of any of the platforms under the Meta umbrella can really look forward to. It’s the usual mention of “building creative and expressive tools”, which is another way of saying research and development.

But in the long term, Zuckerberg promises to bring the fruits of such research to the text parts of its products. This includes playing probably a major role in chat apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. That, as well as a more minor role with images like in Instagram, where it will be dealing with “creative filters and ad formats”. There’s also mention of “video and multi-modal experiences”, but for now it’s unclear what that means specifically.

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Either way, all these are still a pretty long way away. Zuckerberg’s post ends by saying that “We have a lot of foundational work to do before getting to the really futuristic experiences”. Which puts it way behind the AI competition. Microsoft has already putting its own Bing AI out for its test run, even if only for a relatively limited number of people, and the results varying quite wildly. This also extends to mobile platforms as well.

(Source: Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook, Bloomberg)

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