Microsoft Edge To Offer A Free Built-In VPN Soon

Microsoft edge browser

In a rather interesting move by Microsoft, the company is currently working to integrate a free VPN straight into its Edge web browser. Officially called the Microsoft Edge Secure Network, the VPN is powered by Cloudflare.

In addition to preventing sites from tracking your online activities and collecting browsing data, the VPN also works with non-secure URLs. It also hides your IP address and location by using a virtual IP address, allowing users to possibly access content blocked in their country although it doesn’t seem that you will be able to choose your own virtual geolocation.

microsoft edge secure network vpn
[Image: Microsoft]

Of course, the free service comes with some major caveats. All users will be capped to only 1GB per month, limiting its practicality to stream region-locked content from sites such as Netflix. Moreover, you’ll need to be signed in to a Microsoft account on the browser so that they can monitor your usage, though the company says that your data will be deleted every 25 hours.

While the feature is a welcome addition, the small data limit is quite restricting when considering that Opera also offers a free built-in VPN without a data cap. Meanwhile, the VPN is still under development but given the existence of the support page on Microsoft’s website, we expect it to be rolled out into one of Microsoft Edge’s Insider channels very soon.

(Source: Microsoft.)

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