Microsoft Rewards Now Available In Malaysia

Microsoft Rewards Malaysia

Microsoft Rewards was previously not a thing in Malaysia. For those who know what that even is, and were hoping that it would land on our shores, the good news is that it is here now, as part of a recent expansion. In fact, according to the official Bing Twitter account, it is now available in over 230 countries around the world.

But for those who are unaware, you might even be wondering, what even is Microsoft Rewards? This is essentially the company’s loyalty program of sorts, granting you points as you use its software and services. As you’d expect from such a program, you can then redeem these points for, well, rewards. What you can do to gain points, and what you can redeem with them, would depend on what the company offers in specific markets.

Unfortunately for us in Malaysia, choices are limited on both the earning and redemption ends of the whole Microsoft Rewards program. Locally, there are only three ways to earn rewards points. One is by doing your internet searches with Bing, instead of, you know, Google. Another is by using the Microsoft Edge browser which, to be fair, is a pretty good browser. And finally, the last method to earn points is just to use the Windows search box, which will get you results from Bing anyway. A major blow for gamers is that PC Game Pass, which was only recently made available locally, is not one of the methods of earning points.

As for the rewards you can redeem, you also only have three options. For 1500 points, you can redeem either a gift card for League of Legends, or a Roblox digital code. Alternatively, for 1000 points, you can make a RM4.50 donation to the Save the Children Fund. There are another three donation options, for UNICEF, CARE and the International Rescue Committee, respectively. But all three of these are listed as “coming soon”. On a side note, these have come too late for anyone here to benefit from the previous Minecoins giveaway.

(Source: Bing / Twitter)

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