Ministry Of Youth And Sports Launches Malaysia Esports Ecosystem Survey

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The acceptance of video games, and especially esports, have been picking up slowly, but not necessarily surely, in the country. On that front, Malaysia has allocated funds for the industry during the annual budget gets tabled, as well as the odd league being organised. But it looks like the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) may be looking to do more, and has launched a survey to collect data on the matter.

Via Esports Integrated, the ministry has an online survey that is open to all Malaysians who are either interested in esports, or have participated in one. This survey aims to gather information on demographics and psychographics of Malaysian esports enthusiasts, and its financial impact on them. Whatever the ministry may have planned for the industry, this survey will help ensure that decisions made are backed by data.

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The questionnaire in this survey is worded weirdly in some places, but for the most part the questions get their message across. After getting a number of general details about yourself, the survey goes into your knowledge and perception on esports as well as its ecosystem, getting you to answer based on a 5-point scale.

If you’re currently active in the scene, or have someone in the family who is, then the survey goes further, asking questions like the game and platform you compete on and the amount you spent on it. If not, then the survey ends there.


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To reiterate, this survey by KBS is open to all Malaysians who are interested in esports or have participated in the industry. You can take part in the survey by hitting this link. The survey will be up until the end of February, after which KBS will be starting its discussions with experts and stakeholders in the industry based on the data collected.

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