MSI Expands Intel 600 Series Motherboard Lineup With New H670, B660, And H610 Range

MSI officially launched its latest Intel 600 series motherboards, further expanding its offerings under the chipmaker’s 12th generation Alder Lake CPU series. As per Intel’s CES 2022, the new lineup includes motherboards within the H670, B660, and H610 range.

In MSI’s case, the Taiwanese PC components and laptop manufacturer’s new motherboard will be offered under two sub-brands, MAG and PRO. Dialling in on an even more specific point, it seems that the company is concentrating most of its focus on the mid-range B660 series.

MSI MAG B660 Tomahawk (Image source: MSI.)
MSI MAG B660M Mortar (Image source: MSI.)

A quick search on its official product page shows that the brand has no less than five MAG-branded B660 SKUs and three PRO-grade B660 motherboards. With its B660 offerings, MSI is boasting that mid-range motherboards under the MAG banner are equipped with 12 DrMOS with Duet Rail Power System, and are available in both DDR4 and DDR5 RAM configurations. For motherboards with the latter configuration, the brand says that users will be able to overclock their DDR5 RAM up to speeds of 6200MHz via the OC LAB’s tuning and MSI Memory Boost.

Further, all B660 motherboards will support the PCIe 4.0 standard, giving them access to up to three M.2 Gen4 PCIe slots. For MAG B660 motherboards, these PCBs will also come pre-installed with I/O Shields and EZ M.2 Clips, for easy installation of the M.2 SSDs. Lastly, all the B660 motherboards will come with TPM 2.0 support, making it Windows 11-ready. Oh, and these motherboards are also equipped with 2.5G LAN and Wi-Fi 6E solutions.

MSI PRO H610M-G (Image source: MSI.)

For consumers in the market for a motherboard for business or just something for daily use, there are the PRO H610 series motherboards. Like the B660 series, these motherboards will still provide access to PCIe 4.0, but only through the DMI. It also doesn’t allow overclocking of the CPU or memory modules, but given its nature, it’s safe to say that the motherboards in this category more than serve their purpose in providing the user with a full-functioning PC.

Last but not least, MSI also launched a new H670 TOMAHAWK Wi-Fi DDR4 motherboard. It’s technically the only H670 motherboard in its arsenal, and there isn’t a whole lot of information about it. From what we know, the product has 14 DrMOS with Duet Rail Power System, plus a Dual 8-pin power connector. Like its B660 counterparts, the motherboard is also equipped with three M.2 slots, plus Shield Frozr heatsinks. Oddly enough, it’s also retrofitted to support DDR4 RAM, rather than the current DDR5 memory standard.

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