MSI Is Offering US$100 Steam Wallet Credits With Purchase Of Select Laptops

MSI Steam Wallet Promo

MSI Malaysia has launched a number of new laptops, and the company has a promotion of sorts to encourage gamers to pick one up among the lineup. More specifically, the company is offering up to US$100 (~RM443) in Steam Wallet credit if you buy an eligible laptop before 30 April. But only applies if you happen to pick one among those in a list of eligible models.

Starting with said eligible models first, MSI lists the Titan GT77 HX, the Vector GP77, the Stealth 15, the Cyborg 15, the Katana 17 and Katana 15, as well as the Thin GF63. They are all the new models with 13th Gen Intel CPUs and Nvidia GeForcfe RTX 40 series GPUs. Though some notable models are being excluded from this list, such as the Raider GE78 HX and the other Stealth models beyond the 15-inch one.

Once you’ve picked the eligible MSi laptop, you’ll have to register your laptop, which involves providing the serial number of said laptop, as well as an accompanying proof of purchase of some sort. This whole process also involves you making a MyMSI account. Once application has been verified, the Steam Wallet code will be sent to you via email.

The usual disclaimers for such promos apply. For one, participants must be of the age of 18 or older, and that this promo is only for end users and not businesses. As for the Steam Wallet credits, the actual value you get in RM will naturally depend on the exchange rate when you actually redeem it to your Steam account.

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Image: Steam / Valve.

As mentioned earlier, this promo applies to select MSI laptops, and lasts until 30 April. The end date for redeeming the Steam Walled codes, on the other hand is a little later. Two months later, in fact, as you have until 30 June to do so. You can find out more about this promo by hitting these links

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