New Batch Of Enhanced Touch ‘n Go NFC Card To Be Released On 25 August

Enhanced TNG Card

Since the card was officially released into the market in April, Touch ‘n Go (TNG) has been having difficulty meeting the customer’s demand for the Enhanced TNG card. The last major restock that we have experienced ourselves was in May which somehow took place ahead of schedule.

Earlier today, we received a notification from the TNG eWallet app that a new batch of the Enhanced TNG card will be made available through the app tomorrow, 25 August. This is unlike back in May whereby the notice appeared on the restock day itself.

Captured at 9:43 AM today.

As you can see from the image above, each customer will be limited to just one card per order this time around. Previously, customers were allowed to order a maximum of two cards each.

The hard limit doesn’t come as a surprise though given how the NFC-enabled card was sold out in less than two hours during the May restock. The notification from the TNG eWallet app also mentioned that the card will be available for purchase starting from 10:00 AM, so it is wise to expect some difficulties accessing the app at that time.

Enhanced TNG Card

To purchase the card, tap on the TNG Card icon on the app’s home screen and then choose the Order Touch ‘n Card / Check Status option on the bottom part of the TNG Card section. Next, tap on the Order Now option in the follow-up screen which should bring you to the Order screen.

If you did not encounter the dreaded out-of-stock notice (as shown below) when you arrive at this screen, you should be able to purchase your card. As previously noted, the card costs RM 10 and there is also a shipping fee of RM 5 if you purchase it through the TNG eWallet app.

The shortage of the Enhanced TNG card is something that TNG already anticipated when the company released it back in April due to the global shortage of chips and supply chain disruptions. Despite that, there are plenty of scalpers out there that somehow managed to get their hands on the card which is rather baffling to see.

In fact, our quick search through Lazada, Mudah, and Shopee earlier today showed that the card is being listed for at least RM 60. We even noticed a listing that put the card up for sale at more than RM 100.

Enhanced TNG Card Scalpers Lazada
Enhanced TNG Card Scalpers Mudah
Enhanced TNG Card Scalpers Shopee

For their part though, TNG did publish a post on its Facebook page that urges users not to purchase the card from scalpers. In the same post, the company also advised customers to purchase it through official channels which include TNG Hubs at Bangsar South and Nu Sentral as well as selected BHPetrol, Caltex, Petron, Petronas and Shell petrol stations.

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