Newly Unveiled 2022 Targus Cypress Hero Backpack Features A Built-In Tracker

Targus Cypress Hero Backpack Tracker Find My CES

Targus has recently unveiled a new variant of its Cypress Hero Backpack during CES 2022. Unlike the product’s predecessor as well as the brand’s other travel storage offerings, it is the first of its kind to come with a built-in tracker. 

Typically, users are able to track the Cypress Hero’s whereabouts via the first-party Targus app for mobile devices. In addition, the company revealed that the function is also compatible with Apple’s Find My feature, as the onboard tracker shares the same technology as AirTags. It should also be possible for Android users to locate the backpack, given that the iPhone maker had only recently released a standalone Find My app on the platform not too long ago

Interestingly, the bag could help you find your misplaced smartphone as well, where pressing a button on the 2022 Cypress Hero will send a ping to it – thus revealing its location to you. However, this handy feature is only available for iPhone devices, with no plans of expanding its compatibility with Android phones at this time. Other features include a geofencing ability where users will get alerted if the backpack moves out of a certain area, and there is also built-in sound alert that you can trigger remotely via the app.

Targus Cypress Hero Backpack Tracker Find My CES
Photo: Targus

Much like its predecessor, Targus touts the new backpack to be a sustainable product made from recycled materials. Specifically, both the exterior and interior of each Cypress Hero features fabric woven from recycled plastic water bottles which have been shredded, heated and spun into yarn.

In terms of weather resistance, the company says the bag has a water resistance rating of IPX3. Lastly, the built-in tracker itself is claimed to last up to a year before users are needed to recharge it via USB.

The new Targus Cypress Hero Backpack with Apple Find My tech is expected to be shipped out in certain markets during the spring or summer of 2022, with a price tag of US$150 (~RM627.90). For the time being, it is not known whether the company plans to release the new product in other regions including Malaysia.

(Source: Targus [US website])

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