Next Batch Of Enhanced Touch N Go Card Will Arrive In June

The new Enhanced Touch ‘n Go card has garnered plenty of attention even before it was officially released to the market. Hence, it is not surprising to see that the card was sold out in just a few hours.

This is something that the company has already anticipated though. In the statement announcing the general availability of the new Enhanced TNG card, the Group CEO of TNG Group, Effendy Shahul Hamid admittedly said that demand would exceed the supply as TNG is also affected by the global chip shortage crisis.

Enhanced TNG Card No Stock
The no stock notice in the TNG eWallet app, as captured at 2:49 PM today.

Even today, you will receive the out-of-stock notice if you tried to purchase the card through the TNG eWallet app. So, when will new customers be able to obtain the card?

Well, TNG has never addressed this officially. However, a number of replies to customers on the TNG eWallet’s Facebook page stated that the company is expecting to receive the next batch of the NFC-enabled card sometime in June:Enhanced Touch N Go Card Restock

Given the scarcity of the card, some have taken the advantage of the situation and are now reselling the card at a much higher price that is far exceeding its original RM10 price tag. While there might not be a lot of them around, the most expensive listing we found so far was RM75 in Lazada.

There are a couple of other listings as well in Shopee and Carousell that have a price range of between RM15 to RM50. If you somehow can’t withstand the temptation (hey, it is your money), we do advise you to personally verify the authenticity of these listings and proceed with caution:

Enhanced Touch N Go Card Reseller
Some of the listings for the Enhanced TNG card that we found on Carousell, Lazada, and Shopee today, as captured at 2:30 PM.

When compared with the standard TNG card, the new Enhanced TNG card can be easily recognised by its minimalistic design that is almost devoid of any graphics. Instead, it is draped in a soft pastel pink and blue gradient colourways while there are also silver-coloured TNG, TNG eWallet, and NFC logos on the front part of the card.

Of course, the card’s biggest differentiator is its NFC functionality which allows users to top up the card’s balance using funds from TNG eWallet by tapping on their NFC-enabled smartphone. In terms of usability, the Enhanced TNG card is not different from the existing TNG card as it still can be used for tolls, public transportation, and parking payments while the new card also still supports PayDirect.

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