Nokia PureBook Pro Is Coming To The Market In Q2 2022

A number of manufacturers have begun to announce new products based on the 12th Gen Intel Core P-Series and U-Series processors following the official announcement by the chipmaker. Interesting enough, among the new products includes the Nokia PureBook Pro.

Some may be surprised to see a laptop from Nokia given how the brand is seen more like a mobile phone brand but rest assured, this is not the first time that a Nokia-branded laptop has been launched into the market. Similar to the PureBook X14 that was announced in late-2020, the PureBook Pro was conceived through Nokia Corp’s licensing program.

[Image: OFF Global / Nokia.]

Specifically, the new laptop is made by OFF Global which is based in Lyon, France. The company said that it has obtained the rights to develop, manufacture, and sell Nokia-branded laptops for the international market with the exception of India.

Back to the PureBook Pro itself, the Windows 11 laptop will be made available with 15.6 and 17.3-inch screens although both of them will still feature Full HD IPS display panel. Additionally, both variants will also be powered by the same Intel Core i13-1220P processors and have the same 8GB RAM as well as 512GB solid state drive.

[Image: OFF Global / Nokia.]

While the PureBook Pro’s body is predominantly made out of plastic, its lid is covered by aluminium. With a thickness of 19.05mm, the PureBook Pro 15.6 weights around 1.7kg while the 17.3-inch variant has a slightly thicker physique at 19.6mm and is also heavier at 2.5kg.

That being said, the PureBook Pro 17.3 offers a larger 63Wh battery as opposed to the 57Wh battery that was equipped into the 15.6-inch model. Furthermore, the 17.3-inch variant is also wide enough to include a numeric pad on its keyboard.

The keyboard area of PureBook Pro 17.3. [Image: OFF Global / Nokia.]

In terms of starting price, the PureBook Pro 15.6 and 17.3 have been listed at EUR699 (~RM3,300) and EUR799 (~RM3,773), respectively. Even though OFF Global has the rights to release the new PureBook Pro all over the world, the French company will be rolling it out in a phased manner.

Unfortunately, Malaysia is not part of the Phase 1 countries though. So, we don’t think we will see the Nokia-branded laptop in our market anytime soon.

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