Official Intel Beta Drivers Lists Seven Potential ARC Desktop GPUs

Intel’s ARC Alchemist graphics cards aren’t going to be hitting the global market anytime soon, with the chipmaker having said earlier that it is planning to release the card in China first, meaning no one else will be getting the piece of the action come launch day. While the world waits for the physical hardware, though, Intel seems to have let the cat out of the bag about its desktop graphics SKUs, with its latest graphics driver list.

The graphics drivers in question is still a beta driver – with the code – and was first posted by the prominent leakster, Momomo_us. Upon breaking it down further, the beta driver’s actually contained a wealth of information, including the details for no less than seven ARC desktop GPUs. The list includes an A310, A380, A580, A750, A770, a Pro A40, and Pro A50. The GPUs match up to Intel’s own naming convention, which it revealed earlier in March during the launch of its laptop GPUs.

The ARC Pro series of graphics are quite likely the graphics cards aimed at professionals and workstations, much in the same way as NVIDIA’s own Quadro workstation series. On a side note, the list also includes a lineup of Intel UHD and Iris Xe graphics, which are clearly the integrated graphics core in what we can assume are part of its current 12th generation Alder Lake Core series CPUs.

Before anyone gets too excited about this revelation, we think it is prudent for us to mention that just because a graphics driver lists down the name of GPUs that it is designed to work with, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those GPUs are going to be made or brought to life. In this context, though, and considering that Intel’s ARC Alchemist desktop graphics series is already more or less an open secret, the product list serves more as a confirmation of things to come.

(Source: PCWorld, Twitter)

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