PlayStation Studios Malaysia Head Reveals What The Office Looks Like

PlayStation Studios Malaysia office

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced all the way back in 2019 that it will be opening up a Worldwide Studios division here in Malaysia. There was even a hiring spree early last year. But more recently, Hasnul Hadi Samsudin, the head of PlayStation Studios Malaysia, has shared what the team’s workspace looks like on Twitter.

According to one of the images shared by the studio head himself, the PlayStation Studios Malaysia office is located at the Imazium office building in Petaling Jaya. Which probably isn’t revealing too much, since he made sure to obscure the exact floor the office is at on his business card.

The entrance to the PlayStation Studios Malaysia office space proper, though, is quite the looker. There’s a vaguely pill-shaped entrance with a glass sliding door. To the left are the four PlayStation logos, with the sliding glass door itself also adorned with the logos. Immediately in front of the entrance is the reception desk, with an illuminated PS Studios logo. In the same room is a sofa, and a large TV opposite it.

On the inside, Hasnul Hadi showed shots of what looks to be a very fancy dining area. It has a number of small rooms on the side, and the windows with a view of the city is decorated with some greenery. There are a few shots of the actual office space itself, taken with many of the lights off, presumably after work hours.

For what all this is worth, it suggests that the folks at PlayStation Studios Malaysia will have a pretty comfortable space to work. Granted, the studio is mainly a support studio, but it’s often one part of the game development process that gets overlooked. So it’s good to know that this won’t be the case here.

(Source: Hasnul Hadi Samsudin / Twitter)

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