PlayStation Summer Sale Sees Games Discounted By Up To 80 Percent

PlayStation Summer Sale

It’s the middle of summer for countries in the northern hemisphere, which is usually also the season for summer sales. PlayStation is holding its own, which will see its games getting special discounts of up to 80%, for physical and digital copies, though as you would expect, the selection of the latter is much greater.

On the physical side of things, Sony Interactive Entertainment is putting seven games under the spotlight. Here’s the complete list, including the platform they are on and their respective prices:

  • MLB The Show 22 (PS4) – RM129
  • MLB The Show 22 (PS5) – RM169
  • God of War (PS4) – RM39
  • Horizon Forbidden West (PS4) – RM189
  • Horizon Forbidden West (PS5) – RM229
  • Gran Turismo 7 (PS4) – RM209
  • Gran Turismo 7 (PS5) – RM249
  • NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… (PS4) – RM129
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4) – RM129
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo (PS5) – RM129
PlayStation Summer Sale Hitman Trilogy
Source: PlayStation.

As for digital games, while SIE does not highlight any specific titles, here are a few that look like better deals than others. First on the list is the Hitman Trilogy, which has all three of the reboot titles bundled into one. There’s a 60% discount going for this, meaning you can get it for RM167.60, which is less than getting an individual game in the trilogy at its normal price.

Another good pick is the standard edition of Mortal Kombat 11, which has an 80% price cut for the duration of the sale. This means that the PS4-only version will cost RM43.80, while the dual version will have a temporary price of RM46.40. It’s worth noting that this is just the base game, which means you’ll have to get the Aftermath expansion, as well as the game’s Kombat Packs, separately, and none of them are discounted.

PlayStation Summer Sale Mortal Kombat 11
Source: PlayStation.

The third good deal is another fighting game, in the form of Tekken 7. This also has an 80% discount, and if you’re a PS Plus subscriber, you get an additional five percent off. This looks to be a better deal, because the first, second and third season passes are also getting 75%, 70% and 60% discounts respectively. All three season passes also benefit from the additional five percent discount for PS Plus subscribers, meaning if you are one, you can get the complete package for RM101.75.

PlayStation Summer Sale Tekken 7
Source: PlayStation.

You can check out more of what’s on offer on the PlayStation Store right now, and the discounts end on 17 August. But if physical games are more your thing, the discounts only start tomorrow, on 3 August, and last until 16 August.

(Source: PlayStation)

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